Natural X-Large Whole Loofah Sponge


Natural Whole Loofah Long

Size Ranges From 20″ – 30″ Inches

Luna’s Largest Loofah Yet.
100% pealed from the farm, cleaned and compressed than into your shower.

Our X-Large Whole Loofah Long is the perfect everyday scrubber to be shared with everyone in the family or used for cleaning your home.
Our Loofah can be easily cut to your desired size to be used for multiple uses or can be left as is for a great back scrubber.

Exfoliator, bathing – shower, scrubber, spa, indoor & outdoor cleaning, dish sponge, fruit & vegetables scrubber, counter scrubber, grill, furniture, floors, wheels, and much more. (You name it & our Luna’s X-Large Loofah Long got’s it!)

Size Range From: 20″ up to 30″

All of our loofahs, included our lovely Jumbo Whole Loofah Long are shipped compressed flat.

Q: How do you get Loofah its shaped back to round when compressed??
A: This can easily be solved by dipping whole loofah in warm water, within 5 to 10 seconds you will see Loofah inflate back to its original round beauty.

Due to its natural nature, our Jumbo Whole Loofah Long may contain leftover black seeds &/or crushed seeds into little pieces.
(Note: This is absolutely normal, very natural and safe! If whole loofah is cut in pieces, seeds can be easily removed.)

Additional Information:

*For bathing use:

-Enjoy a luxurious scrub in your own bath without stepping out to the spa with our Loofahs.
-Rinse in warm water to get the best smoothness from our Loofahs
-Apply your soap directly on the loofah and gently exfoliate your skin in circular motion to eliminate dead skin cells and help blood flow. By exfoliating, your -skin will be silky smooth and soft.
-Can be used to bath pets also.

*For kitchen use:

– To clean your fruits and vegetables.
– To wash your dishes. Removes tough grease.
– Loofah scrub gently wipes away oils, stains and more without scratching your dishes.
– For Indoor/Outdoor cleaning:
& Etc.

*Cleaning & Dry:

After use: Clean loofah with warm/hot water making sure to remove all remaining soap. Keep loofah in a dry place – Do not leave wet area – hang on a hook to remove all moisture. This helps prevent form any bacterial growth.

Best to replace loofah every 3-4 weeks, ( depending of the amount of usage – if you see any mold, replace immediately ).

End of Life:

To Dispose: Our Loofahs are 100% plant-based, which means they are Biodegradable. You may simply throw Loofah away in your Green Bin or bury in the ground in your backyard. Loofah will discompose within 30 days.

* Please Note: As our loofahs are 100% natural – NO chemicals added nor NO bleach – you may notice loofah colors vary or a bit of “discoloration” in areas or also a seed or two. Please keep in mind, this is absolutely normal and okay, it will not affect the high quality performance of the Loofahs purpose.

Our Mayan Loofah are made from our farm in Central America – Guatemala.


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