Loofah Strap


6″ long x 4″ diameter. With Terry Cloth and double sided holder

Our Mayan Loofah are made from our farm in Central America – Guatemala.

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Our Loofah Strap is stitched with a Cotton Terry Cloth for smoothness after exfoliating with Loofah, also attached with double sided holder to hang perfectly to dry. Our loofahs helps eliminate dead skin and surface impurities by gently exfoliating your skin in circular motion. Unclogging  pores for a softer, cleaner and smoother skin allowing to breath freely.

For bathing use:

  • Rinse in warm water to get the best smoothness from our Loofahs
  • Apply your desire soap directly on the loofah and gently exfoliate your skin to eliminate dead skin cells and help blood flow.
  • By exfoliating,  your skin will be silky smooth and soft. Look beautiful, Live beautifully.
Cleaning & Dry:

After use: Clean loofah with warm/hot water making sure to remove all remaining soap. Keep loofah in a dry place – Do not leave wet area – hang on a hook to remove all moisture. This helps prevent form any bacterial growth.

Best to replace loofah every 3-4 weeks, ( depending of the amount of usage – if you see any mold, replace immediately  ).

* Please Note:  As our loofahs are 100% natural – NO chemicals added nor NO bleach – you may notice loofah colors vary or a bit of “discoloration” in areas or also a seed or two. Please keep in mind, this is absolutely normal and okay, it will not affect the high quality performance of the Loofahs purpose.


Our Mayan Loofah are made from our farm in Central America – Guatemala.

Dimensions 10 × 35.56 cm


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