About Us

We work hard to provide you with the best quality plant-based Loofahs

Luna Baths is a family operated company that was born in beautiful Southern California in the Summer of 2017. Our business has been family operated for 40 years and has now been passed down to our 3rd generation. Our founder is my grandfather Mr. Nery Rocael Fuentes who started his Loofah company “Productos Rocael” with his wife (my grandmother): Mrs. Dalia Fuentes in the year 1980, in the lovely country of Guatemala. My grandfather’s success came from a natural plant that he started to cultivate in the warm lands located near Puerto Quetzal, this plant created the natural sponge Loofah in which we use today for an excellent exfoliation for the body during your daily bath.

Our Loofahs are 100% Eco-Friendly – Plant Based – Biodegradable – Natural – Vegan – Plastic Free – Cruelty Free – NO chemicals added


Our Company

Continues to cultivate in our farm in Guatemala as we operate in U.S.A. - We import, export and distribute to all national and international markets. Our mission is to provide the best products with high quality standards.

Are you interested in purchasing wholesale?

If yes, click on “Contact Us” button and send us an email with your specific request or questions to: store@lunabaths.com .  
*Wholesale minimum order quantity of 1,000+ units.*

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